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Our Classrooms


Our infant room is for children ages 6 weeks - 1 year. Infants follow their own personalized schedules for meals and naps as designed by their parents. The number one priority for teachers in the infant room is giving each infant the one-on-one interaction, love, and attention needed for them to develop to their fullest!



When children are ready, they move from the infant room to the toddler room. Many developmental transitions begin in this room. Children begin to follow a more structured and educationally-based schedule. Many toddlers begin potty training with us at the request of their parents. New foods and activities are introduced, and children are given more time to develop social skills through peer interactions and play.

Early Learners

Educational opportunities abound as your preschool-aged child enters our Early Learners room! Our curriculum-based schedule helps children develop fundamental skills for kindergarten through a variety of activities centered around a weekly theme. We also work to further fine and gross motor skills, good behavior and manners, and appropriate social and emotional interactions with both peers and adults.


School Age

Your child's experience at Grandma's House doesn't have to end just because school has begun! We offer a variety of convenient services for school age children, includin breakfast before catching the school bus, an afternoon snack after school, and the opportunity to participate in our Homework Club or tutoring program. We also offer ample opportunity to get plenty of exercise in our gym or outdoors.

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