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Our infant room is for children ages 6 weeks - 1 year. Infants follow their own personalized schedules for meals and naps as designed by their parents. The number one priority for teachers in the infant room is giving each infant the one-on-one interaction, love, and attention needed for them to develop to their fullest!

Every infant has his/her own crib and will nap as directed by his/her parents.

Grandma's House provides formula, baby food, and infant cereal that parents may choose to use. You may, however, choose to bring your own if you prefer a different brand.

Each day infants are read and sung to, held, rocked, played with, and as they get older, they even participate in their own little circle time with songs and hand motions!

Infant teachers provide parents with real-time information and feedback through a free mobile app. Parents can see at a glance what and when their child ate, when they slept, when their diapers were changed, any supplies that are needed, etc. We even send you pictures of your little one throughout the day!

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