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Recipe for Success

Early Learners

Educational opportunities abound as your preschool-aged child enters our Early Learners room! Our curriculum-based schedule helps children develop fundamental skills for kindergarten through a variety of activities centered around a weekly theme. We also work to further fine and gross motor skills, good behavior and manners, and appropriate social and emotional interactions with both peers and adults.

Activity Time will include

  • Weekly themes

  • Writing numbers, letters, and shapes

  • Telling time

  • Days of the week

  • Weather

  • Identifying and counting money

  • Circle time

  • Songs

  • Nursery rhymes

  • Alphabet

  • Counting

  • Color and shape identification

  • Story time

  • Sharing and discussion, increasing social and emotional skills

  • Practicing good behavior and manners

  • Arts and crafts projects

  • Fine motor development through cutting with scissors, gluing, building blocks and legos, play-dough, coloring, painting, tracing, drawing, and writing

  • Physical activity/large motor development activities through outdoor and gym play, dancing, and games

  • Preparation for Kindergarten

Early learners take regular restroom breaks, and we encourage them to use the “big potties” in the restroom and at least try to potty while we are there. We will still take any child to the restroom as needed throughout the day in addition to our regularly scheduled breaks. We understand that all children potty train at their own speed, and your child does not have to be potty trained in order to move up to the Early Learners room. We are happy to continue potty training in the Early Learners room, so feel free to let us know what techniques you would like us to use here.

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